Butterball Farm Hunt Terrier Kennel

Some folks think a kennel is a place dogs are put to keep out of the way and live their life alone. NOT!. Most breeders have beautiful maintained kennels. Lucky me. I have no neighbors close. Except for The 2 stud dogs all mine stay in and out to our house all day. when dogs have pups they are born in the house but after several days go to the kennel for safety reasons. Pups are kept in the kennel also for safety. Look up to your breeder of choice. We spend lots of money on food and vet bills. Suppies are not cheap. Our washers and dryers go all the time. We buy our weight in bleach and pinesol. And hrs talking to clients. All for the love of DOGS!!!!!. And all the breeder that work very hard are to be commended for their work. It does take a lot of money to maintain a kennel. The smile when you hold your new puppy is priceless to us. From me to all the breeders all over the world. Your devotion and love for the puppies you raise is much appreciated.

kelli pearson