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Welcome to Butterball Farm Hunt Terriers. I have created exceptional Hunt Terrier bloodlines resulting in beautiful and amazingly good natured puppies. They have been bread from American Females and Males imported from United Kingdom and Netherlands. This has resulted in balanced healthy puppies with lineage from the best of both worlds. These qualities are desirable for family life. Not only are our dogs beautiful they will bring you incredible loving companionship for years to come. For the past 30 plus years I have prided myself on producing the best quality of puppies. What started out as my love for Jack Russell Terriers have now lead me to Hunt Terriers.

As a Proud member of the American Hunt Terrier club Association (AHTCA). The AHTCA was formed to keep accurate records of the bloodlines representative of the foundation stock in the USA with as much detail as the imported bloodlines can offer. Abroad all Hunt Terriers are called Jacks. Having an obsessive compulsive nature led me to acquire Chocolate, Red, Tan and the more common Black & Tan Hunts (Jacks) as you see in this picture. Also because they are Jacks the coat of these dogs can vary from smooth to broken to full rough. At this time I am raising all smooth coats.


Hunts from abroad

With the help and knowledge of great Jack/Hunt breeders I have some of the best dogs from the USA and abroad.   The below Black & Tan (pictured to the right) is Toby and the chocolate to the left of him is his full brother Tatuur out of the same litter. Both from the renowned breeder BlackChocotan Terrier Hilde Dekkers in The Netherlands.


meet Tatuur

Tatuur is from the Netherlands and is co owned by Jodi Sanstrom and Snooks Sanstrom


meet toby

Toby is also from the Netherlands and is owned by Butterball farm and Kim Simmons.