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Meet our Gentleman


Meet Dutch

Handsome tan color Hunt

 Dutch above was from his previous home  Kikkertsparadise Dutch Boy was born in The Netherlands. His sire came from the UK and his Mom came from the Netherlands. Born 4/4/2010 He and his sister were shipped to the states. I am his 3rd owner and feel extremely proud to have found him. He is home here forever. This will be his 2nd litter with Sugar. 

Meet Toby


Toby  lives in Knoxville, Tn. His life is on a farm with horses and a pig and a family of dogs all bigger than himself. His mom Kim has been teaching him from day 1 so many things. Sign language for one that is incredible. She is an amazing person with the passion and patience to teach dogs. Toby has learned to speak softly, to roll over, the sit still until given the go sign and drop down. The list is growing!

Toby has become a popular dog because he has a great teacher. He will be bred to Linz for his first litter. Looking forward to this amazing mating. Hopefully in the fall. toby carries a 50% chocolate gene.

Meet Chip

REgistered akc Jack Russell

Chip is a registered Jack Russell that caries the rare recessive Chocolate gene. When bred to a Hunt Terrier that caries the Chocolate gene, the result will be all chocolate puppies. Chip has the sweetest disposition and tries to please everyone. He LOVES to play outside and is very obedient.

Meet Tatuur Tot


Tatuur Tot is the only son of BBF Tatuur whose antics became popular as he was a big ham. Tatuur Tot has an awesome momma BBF Darcy who is a beautiful red and white smooth coat AKC JACK Russell. Tatuur Tot already has his dad's personality wanting to be with you all the time. He is for sure a lines like of his Dad.

Meet Kace


Pictures and description coming soon!

~~~ Retired Studs ~~~

Meet Sammie

Sammie is one of our smaller Hunts at just 12 lbs and about 10 inches tall. He's a Black & Tan smooth coat that carries the Chocolate gene. His mother is Bruni that is from BlackChocoTan / Hilde Dekkers of the Netherlands. 

Meet Oscar

Oscar IS a beautiful example of this breed!

BBF (BustterBall Farm) Oscar of Balsuma Farms is the offspring of imported parents that date back 45 years of breeding on England. Oscar is a proven stud, his conformation is representative of his heritage. I am proud of his puppies and look forward to seeing them become an asset to the foundation of Hunts in the USA producing puppies that excel in intelligence and affection. His personality is just amazing!

 I am very proud and fortunate to have found Oscar and have many happy families to attest for his ablility to put a wonderful puppy on the ground.  

Meet Tatuur

Tatuur is an excellent example of the Chocolate Hunt Terrier Breed. His confirmation and personality is fantastic and has carried that trait on to each puppy. Tatuur, I sent to Jodi Gray my daughter. I opened her door and slipped in this cute puppy and told her I needed her to watch him for me. I meant watch him for me all his life. Tatuur loves it there and runs the farm with a dozen jacks and a couple of other breeds. His antics include diving in their pool and floating around on a raft excessively. He has sired one litter with a white jack and another litter due the end of Aug. 2017.  Sweet and funny he is a busy boy.