Congratulations!  You have now made your final decision.  To purchase a puppy that has  not yet turned 8 weeks old, we will require a $300 non-refundable deposit.  Your deposit will guarantee that puppy for you and no other.  The balance MUST be paid prior to the puppy's departure. If your pup needs to be flown to you, or transported I have several couriers that I have used for years that I entrust with my puppies for their new homes. Depending on location and type of transport rates will vary and be an additional fee.


The pricing listed below is our general price for puppies, these prices my vary depending on the pedigree, the stud, the bitch as well as if they are Black & Tan or Chocolates.
- Females: starting at $1000 without breeding rights
- Males: starting at $1000
- Chocolates: $1500 (males & females)

Click Here to inquire about a puppy you are interested in and we'll send you the specific price

All of my breeding dogs have been tested or parentage verified for PLL & SCA and ALL  are confirmed CLEAR.  I welcome your questions and queries. 

Vaccines & Vet Visits

Your new puppy will have his or her vaccines kept current until the time they leave the kennel.  From that point, it is your  responsibility to continue with the vaccines unless they are complete.  This may be an added burden for you and must be considered with the cost of raising the puppy.  Vaccinations are imperative and if left undone can cause your puppy's life to be in danger.  Be sure you figure the vet bills in with your decision to purchase a puppy.  The cost of the puppy is only the first step in the overall cost of maintaining a dog.  Also be sure to use heartworm preventative and flea control monthly.

Kennel Visits

I love having visitors!  I enjoy showing off my dogs and talking dog stuff.  I enjoy people who enjoy dogs, therefore your visit is  always the highlight of my day.  I don't just sell a dog; I am giving to you an extension of myself.  Each dog goes with a part of my  heart.  My dogs are my passion and seeing the expression in your eyes as you see the dog that grabs your heart strings and fills your needs gives me a satisfaction that this is what it is all about!  Anyone who comes here can see that I have spared no expense  in creating an environment for each dog.  I invite your to come visit and if you cannot do so your always welcome to visit if your ever get in my neck of the woods.