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Meet our Ladies

Meet Hilde

Hilde IS is one beautiful chocolate hunt terrier!

Hilde is a chocolate with bloodlines from the root of all the chocolate foundation dogs in the Netherlands. Her ears, we call prick ears, are not dominant and will typically not carry over to the pups.  Hilde is short and stocky with thick bones and nice straight legs. A SWEET personality and a great dog to sleep with :)  She is my pride and joy and I am looking forward to meeting her puppies. She will soon be bred to Toby who is 50% chocolate so we should be blessed with a delicious chocolate litter!


Meet Linz


Linz is my first Hunt terrier. I aquired her from Lois Griggs owner and founder of Bare Bottom Farm in near Burlington, Vt. I fell in love hook, line and sinker. Her eyes looked right in mine and her demeanor was that of a very bold and naughty young lady. Her voice would drive a normal person nuts but I knew whom belonged to that annoying bark that sounded like a parrot! Her demanding ways told me she was just a carbon copy of me. Yes we must have been in some other life sisters. So as I am compulive in nature she was only the beginning of a venture that has blossumed into a full time labor of love. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Linz. dahda! Linz has had her second litter 12/30/2016

View Linz's Past Litter

 Currently Linz  is enjoying a well derserved vacation. Her next litter will be sired by BBF Toby Kees. 

Meet Flower

Flower is one of the most recent additions to our mother dogs. She is an AKC registered Jack and carries the liver gene. She bred has been bred to a male that carries the chocolate gene. By breeding to this Hunt, they will produce chocolate puppies. 

Meet Chanel

Chanel is the daughter of Mattie and Dutch. A home grown girl she's is small and solid. Will make a great momma and puppies to die for....



Meet Dutches

Dutches is Channels sister out of the same litter. Their father was Dutch who was imported from the Netherlands. These dogs are gentle and sweet and very kind, small and compact

Meet Star

Star is the daughter of Yacko & Ceesje. She is the cousin of Tatuur and Toby. Her mom is a sister to Tatuur and Toby. She very sweet and gentle, playful and great in the home, she just loves everybody!



 Retired Females

Meet Mattie


Also as I did with Linz, I fell in love with her hook, line and sinker. She has the same build being 10 inches tall and weighing now about 14 lbs. She is a smooth coated lady and has an unique lovely face with much more tan coverage than Linz. Her demeanor is different as she is not the lover as Linz but very busy in her everyday routine looking for stuff. When she decides she need love you are in luck because she will give you a great deal. Smooth coated and stocky my husband says she is the one that caught his eye. She has had her first litter producing a Chocolate@tan male puppy and 3 red females. An awesome litter telling up she carries the much sought after chocolate gene.  

Mattie is now retired!

Meet Margaret

Margaret is a new mommy. For many of you Margaret is just a beautiful Hunt terrier! Nothing more, but there is more! Margaret's mother was HH Rustic Rose of Happyville. Saddly Rose was lost unexpectedly. Rose was the daughter of AJ Cassi of Hobbit Hill and Tommy of Hobbit Hill.  Hunts well known for their extensive bloodlines. Margaret's father is Russelville Huntsman of Happyville. The son of Russelville Snoogie and Arboureth Gone for Gopher.  Margaret is not only well bred but has beautiful conformation, extremely smart and sweet natured.  My passion for pictures is evident as I love taking pictures of Margaret. Her beautiful muscled body, slick coat and expressive face make me wish you could see her in person. Impressive! 


Meet Sugar

Sugar is a full sister to our black & tan Oscar.  We are grateful to  Balsuma Farm owned by Suzy and Alan Schockett for these beautiful Hunts. 

Sugar and Oscars' parents were imported from the UK.  Dutch being imported from The Netherlands Besides Sugar's and Oscar's pups she is unrelated to any Hunts presently in  America except her and Oscars puppies. .  Hope that makes sense! Below Sugar is pictured from above showing her beautiful face and magnificent body. She has become a very nice Hunt. 

Meet Lilly

She has been having so much fun swimming and playing with our new additions Kassie and Hilde since her puppies left. She was a great momma last litter and we are excited to breed her soon to Tatuur. Check back to see what Lilly has in store for us. These pictures are the latest ones I have.