Shipping your
pup via courier

We use a COURIER SERVICE, VERY reliable and works with our customers for their shipping needs.  The airline will always have the final say therefore shipping dates are never guaranteed.  Regardless, we will always do our best to ship on your requested date. Generally if Delta is used, your puppy will be shipped collect.  If Continental is used, prepaid airfare is required.   Overall our puppies ship very well with minimal to no stress whatsoever.  If they did not ship well, I would NOT ship via air!  We also offer ground transportation!

Visiting us in person

I love having visitors!  I enjoy showing off my dogs and talking dog stuff.  I enjoy people who enjoy dogs, therefore your visit is always the highlight of my day.  I don't just sell a dog; I am giving to you an extension of myself.  Each dog goes with a part of my heart.  My dogs are my passion and seeing the expression in your eyes as you see the dog that grabs your heart strings and fills  your needs gives me a satisfaction that this is what it is all about!  Anyone who comes here can see that I have spared no expense in creating an environment for each dog.  I invite your to come visit and if you cannot do so your always welcome to visit if your ever get in my neck of the woods.  To schedule a visit please contact me (Snooks)

Call for details

If you have nay questions about shipping please feel free to give me a call.